Aug 302017
Parents should not be concerned about this, according to a recent edition of Junge Familie, a German magazineabout family health. Modern pacifiers are significantly better for a childs jawbone than their thumbs. Its also much harder to wean little ones off thumb-sucking since their thumbs are, after all, always at hand. Until the child turns three, its fine for them to soothe themselves with a pacifier. After that, parents should make sure the child breaks the habit. The best way to do that is with the help of a ritual. In some countries, children hang their pacifier on a specially designated tree. The pacifier fairy can also provide consolation for the loss by leaving a small present in exchange. However, forcing a child to part with a pacifier is not a good idea. If its simply thrown away, the child is likely to miss the dummy even more than he or she would have otherwise. dpa

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