Jul 032017
As parents, we often want the best for our children. Many parents push their children to strive in terms of their academic skills, but in this day and age, just having a strong background in traditional hard skills like writing, mathematics and science alone is not enough. It is very common for todays child to have little chance to simply be a child. Most children are busy with school, after-school activities, homework, extra classes for music, maths, etc. Odds are high that if you ask any school-going child whether they enjoy going to school, you will get a resounding no. The key is not to drown your child in academic-related activities. Try diversifying things a little. Instead of filling your childs spare time with studies or study-related activities (tuition, extra classes), encourage him to join team sports such as football or basketball. Even a club/society that is not sports-oriented, such as debate teams or uniformed societies (Scouts, Red Crescent, St Johns Ambulance, etc), will give him plenty of opportunities to grow. These clubs, societies and sports are some of the best places for your child to learn about important things such as teamwork and decision-making.

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