Dec 222017
Holding a ball in front of him, five-year-old Shane William Mohammed Shazlan dives into the pool head first, his legs kicking to help him get to the bottom of the pool. The ball pops up and Shane follows, a few seconds later laughing as he looks around for it. I love to swim, says the tanned boy a while later as he takes a breather, hanging on to the side of the pool. Within minutes, hes back chasing after the ball. Though he only started swimming lessons earlier this year he mastered the free-style after just two months Shane is no stranger to the pool as hes been going into the water with his mother, Dr Christine Fletcher, since he was two months old. Swimming isnt the only activity Shane enjoys. He hikes, plays football, tennis and learns gymnastics and the Brazilian martial arts Capoeira too. Shane loves being outdoors.

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