Aug 252017
As she watches her daughter, Aaleyxia Intan Ahmad Termizi, strum her guitar and sing a song she composed, Datin Haznim Hashims eyes well up with tears. This is a love song, explains 23-year-old Aaleyxia (pronounced Alicia). Its called Dwi because its both in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Id like to say my music is indie jazz Norah Jones is my absolute idol. The pride in Haznims eyes as she hangs on to Aaleyxias every word is unmistakable. I am just amazed by her. Shes so strong and bold. This is not her; its not how she was. She was always a shy and timid girl. She wouldnt talk to anyone but me. She only started talking when she was four and shed stick close to me even as a teen! And to now see her performing, travelling on her own and giving motivational talks in front of a crowd! Its unbelievable. Shes come alive and its because of cancer, says Haznim as she wipes fresh tears that roll down her cheek. Aaleyxia was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma seven years ago when she was just 15.

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