Aug 282017
Dental braces can straighten them, of course, but when are they trulyneeded for a child or adolescent versus just for appearances? Children with crooked teeth can be healthy and happy too, ofcourse, notes Dirk Kropp, managing director of proDente, aninformation programme funded by five large German dental-sectorassociations. He added, however, that misaligned teeth can be a medical risk. Somechildren with them cant chew or speak properly, and crowded teethare more difficult to clean. According to German consumer organisations, however, there isinsufficient proof that braces improve dental health. A 2016 healthreport by the Barmer GEK public health insurance companyand Bertelsmann Foundation concludes this as well. Nevertheless, orthodontists often warn of possible complicationslater on if any teeth misalignments arent corrected. In determining whether a child needs braces, German orthodontists usea rating system of five orthodontic indication groups.

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