Jan 052019
Sensory Weighted Lap Pad for Kids - 5-pounds - Great Lap Weighted Blanket for Children with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder
Does your child have a hard time staying calm at school or in the car seat? Whether it’s at home, in the car, or in school, they always want to be moving. This can cause problems when it’s a time for them to sit still. That’s why we created the 5lb sensory weighted lap pad! Just like a sensory weighted blanket for kids, the use of the weighted lap blanket for kids is based on science. If your child could use some extra help in sitting calmly, then they will benefit from a weighted lap pillow. Add this to your sensory toys collection. The combination of the weight and the extremely soft, minky dotted fabric not only takes advantage of the calming of the deep pressure therapy, but gives a great sensory surface for them to explore while relaxing. A great therapy toy for stimuli and relaxation! **As an added bonus, we’ll send you our guide “10 Best Ways To Improve Your Child’s Autistic Symptoms” for free.** In the guide you’ll learn: (1) Why your child’s diet is so important; (2) What foods to add and remove from their diet; (3) What games improve intelligence; (4) How to supercharge your child’s ability to remove toxins; (5) And much more… Add this weighted lap pads for kids to your cart now to give your child the sense of calm they deserve (and the sense of calm you deserve as well!).
  • ★ HELP YOUR CHILD STAY CALM IN CLASS ★ The ease of using a weighted lap pad makes it the perfect tool to help your child relax in their seat in school.
  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ We believe so much in our product, that we offer a lifetime guarantee. We’ll cover shipping both ways if there is ever an issue. We understand you want the best for your child so we want to be the company you enjoy working with to achieve that goal.
  • ★ MAKE CAR TRIPS MORE RELAXED ★ The great thing about these portable lap pads is they can improve car rides for your little sensory seeker.
  • ★ 1% OF SALES GOES TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON AUTISM CLINIC ★ Thank you for giving back with your purchase! A Harkla Sensory Lap Blanket is the gift that keeps on giving!
  • ★ DESIGN WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND ★ These small weighted lap blankets for kids are a great tool to add to your sensory tool kit!

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