Sep 132017
While the smartphone generation are busy downloading games, there are many simple and fun traditional games like congkak, batu Seremban and galah panjang that dont require electronics or a WiFi signal. Whats more, these games have long been an integral part of growing up Malaysian. With Malaysia Day celebrations coming up, several mothers are making the effort to introduce their children to the games they played during childhood. These games embody the spirit of multiculturalism that is integral to the country. Homemaker Norlin Wan Musa and her friends began teaching their children how to play galah panjang, congkak, sepak bulu ayam, zero point/getah (where players jump over rubber band ropes), and nenek si bongkok tiga. Galah panjang is an outdoor game of strategy, while congkak is a strategy game played with a wooden board and small stones or marbles. Sepak bulu ayam is a game in which you continuously kick a feathered shuttlecock (capteh) to keep it in the air, and nenek si bongkok tiga has the blindfolded grandmother trying to guess who each player is.

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