Mar 302017
When Pinky discovered she was pregnant, at age 17, she fled to a hospital in China to have an abortion. Put off by a nurses description of the procedure, Pinky and her boyfriend, 18, returned to Hong Kong. They intended to keep their child and get married. However, their parents raised concerns about the young couples financial stability. Pinkys parents took her to Mothers Choice, a Hong Kong charity which helps pregnant teenagers and children without families. Purviz Shroff: An inspiration in caring for Mothers Choice babies in Hong Kong Pinky (not her real name) was assigned a social worker to offer support throughout her pregnancy. I worked hard in every assignment given by my social worker. It gave me a chance to rethink different issues, such as the importance of family, finding my true self and rebuilding my values. I also received love and care from my social worker during crucial moments where I became emotional, such as after birth and signing off on adoption, she recalls. When he was born healthy and happy, I wanted to give my baby a better family because he deserves it, says Pinky. Two months later, in September 2016, her son was united with his new family. Pinky now aspires to be a barista, and financially stable, so she can have a better chance to build a family. She hopes that one day she will meet her son again.

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