Dec 192017
In 2014, Reuben Teo and his wife Fann Saw travelled to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a holiday. With its ancient temples, scenic lakes and vibrant pace, the ancient location was inspiring to Teo, who is a keen photographer. While waiting to capture the sunset one evening, the couple and their Cambodian friend, Kimleng Sang, started chatting with some children from a nearby village who were curious about the foreigners in their midst. I picked up my camera and started taking photographs of them. After every shot, they would run to me, climbing on each other, eager to see their images on the screen. I have never seen such excitement over a photograph. Kimleng explained that most people in villages dont own photographs of themselves. Seeing themselves on the screen is the closest they will come to having a photo of themselves. He also related the story of an old nun hed encountered while photographing the temples at Angkor. The elderly lady asked if he could take her photo because she really wanted to own a photograph of herself before she died. That story haunted us, Teo, 31, shares. A family photo brings them so much joy.

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