Jan 152019
Learning Supportive Psychotherapy: An Illustrated Guide (Core Competencies in Psychotherapy)
Mastering the art of supportive psychotherapy demands years of training and experience and Learning Supportive Psychotherapy: An Illustrated Guide paves the way. An indispensable resource, this book prepares newly credentialed psychiatrists to deliver effective treatments to the broad range of patients they encounter. Clear guidelines address four major areas: maintaining a positive therapeutic alliance, understanding and formulating patients problems, setting realistic treatment goals, and knowing what to say to patients. This book, along with the accompanying DVD, serves as a trustworthy guide to mastering the rudiments of supportive psychotherapy from the initial interview through the therapeutic progression to the very last session. The text follows one of the three formats now required for psychiatry residency training by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Like the other books in the Core Competencies series, it is a valuable adjunct to the traditional methods of psychotherapy education and sets the standard for supportive psychotherapy texts. The authors, preeminent figures in psychiatry, have written an extremely accessible text that provides practical hands-on instruction to beginning psychotherapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and others who require the fundamentals of psychotherapeutic patient care.

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