Aug 312017
Does your family have a history of food allergies?Afraid to give your child her first taste of peanut butter in case of an allergy? Do you dread to feed her fish, eggs or milk? Relax, heres how you can safely introduce potentially allergenic food to your baby. Research has shown that compared to those with no family history of allergic disease, high risk children (one immediate family member with a history of any allergic disease) showed only a modest increase in risk of food allergy. However, the risk does increase significantly if there are two or more family members who are allergic. Regardless, you cant help but feel worried for your child as you start to wean her off breast milk and onto solids. As your baby grows, her nutritional needs increase and breast milk alone becomes no longer sufficient. Furthermore, delaying the introduction of these foods may increase your babys risk of developing allergies. The Learning Early about Peanut Allergy (LEAP) trial was the first randomised trial to show the benefit of early introduction of a major food allergen. The trial revealed that early introduction of peanuts at four to 11 months of age was associated with a decreased risk of developing peanut allergy.

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