Nov 072017
Tryto go back in time to remember that one thing that gave you comfort when nothing else could. It might have been a soft baby blanket or a fuzzy stuffed animal. That thing was your transitional object. Almost every newborn discovers an object to call his or her own and develops an attachment to it in as early as the first six months. But as we grow older, talk of blankets and plush dogs ends because youre supposed to outgrow them, right? Lucy told Linus he needed to outgrow his blue baby blanket, and Andys mom urged Andy to say, So long, partner to Woody and Buzz. (You cried during Toy Story 3 for a reason Andy was giving up transitional objects that meant the world to him.) It turns out more young adults are siding with Linus and sticking with their transitional objects for the same reasons they had as kids. But is it okay to hold on to a beloved comfort object that has been with you from the very beginning?

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