Dec 242017
When you hear family vacation, you might think mom, dad and the kids. But its not that simple these days. Grandparents are increasingly accompanying their grandchildren, while grandma and grandpa often try to join single-parent children. Today, the traditional family picture exists only in exceptional cases, says Martin Linne of the German Tourism Research Society. Multi-generation holidays are booming. This brings with it certain advantages, for example the practical matter of money. As a rule, the older folks have a bigger budget than does a young family. And so grandma and grandpa are likely those who even make a holidays possible. Often enough they even finance the entire trip. Nowadays, many grandparents do not fit the cliche of age-weakened pensioners. The travel firm Neckermann says that todays older generation is more keen on travel and is more fit than ever before. This means that many joint activities are possible, with all age groups coming together. Parents get a chance to relax while the grandparents spend quality time with the youngsters. Single parents in particular have a chance to unwind.

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