Apr 112017
In the first study to survey and interview parents who play the game with their families, the results showed that Pokemon GO can offer parents and children many side benefits from playing the game together, including increased exercise, more time spent outdoors and opportunities for family bonding. Carried out by the University Of Washington, the team of researchers surveyed 67 parents and interviewed an additional 20 parents playing Pokemon GO with their families in a park in the US city of Seattle. The responses revealed that the interactive and mobile nature of the game which involves players capturing fictional creatures from the Pokemon franchise on smartphones and other mobile devices by finding them in real-world locations made parents feel better about engaging in a game in which they moved around outdoors, as opposed to sitting at home engaging in more sedentary forms of screen time. Parents reported that the game helped motivated the whole family to head outside and exercise in ways that were easy to fit into their lives, such as walking the dog or choosing walking instead of driving in order to play the game. Some participants even reported that thanks to these Poke-walks they walked thousands more steps per day, with one father even reporting that his 11-year-old daughter had lost 5kg. Some parents did admit feeling guilty about playing the game though, and many set limits for play, including setting time constraints, requiring children to do chores or homework first, and turning off the device if it wasnt returned when asked. In addition, follow-up interviews revealed that parents also had safety concerns, ranging from children not paying attention to where they were going to interacting with strangers, with many setting rules to help reduce these risks.

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