Mar 122017
The first three years of your babys life are critical for him to develop both physically and mentally. To optimise brain development, he will need to be constantly stimulated. In a newborn, about 1.8 million synaptic connections are develo-ping per second, and whether these connections survive or wither away depends on the nature of the stimulation the baby receives. The stimulation of the babys brain occurs through his senses, namely, his sense of touch, smell, vision, hearing and taste.Since the different areas of the brain correspond to different senses, whenever you stimulate his senses, you are also stimulating his brain. When trying to engage with your baby, eye contact is very important.Studies have shown that babies naturally gravitate to look at a face that is looking at them, so if you look at him, he will look back at you for a longer time (compared to if you are looking away from him). Looking at him with an animated or exaggerated expression (e.g. smiling, making faces, etc) helps to capture his attention for a longer time. Your baby can smell you. Newborns have a strong sense of smell and instinctively know the scent of breast milk. That is why your baby will turn his head to mummy when he is hungry.

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