Jan 112019
Dew Drops Water Beads Construction Zone Tactile Sensory Kit - Tractor Toys Included - Great Fine Motor Skills and Sensory Bin for Kids
Tractor Toys Dew Drops are sure to awaken your child’s senses and tickle the imagination! Each kit contains 6 different tractors and 4 ounces of premium, durable, color-themed water beads. These colors were specifically selected to provide a Construction Zone adventure! This SENSORY4U set provides a great learning experience for the young explorer, and will be mesmerizing fun for the whole family! Dew drops can be used for education, preschool, special needs, sensory processing activities, sensory bins, and water tables. They can also be used as stress balls, wedding decor, vase fillers, plant soil watering beads, and more! Dew Drops will provide thousands and thousands of marble-sized beads. INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 Tbsp dry beads to 1/2 gallon of water, this yields about 8 cups once fully hydrated. They may take up to 8 hours to reach full size. One bag of beads will make enough to repeat this process about 8 times. Store indoors in room temperature. Avoid storing in extreme temperatures of hot or cold, as this may reduce the integrity of the beads. Adult supervision required. These gel polymer beads are interchangeable with Orbeez or Foot Spa. Do not ingest. Non-toxic, COLORFAST, and safe for kids. Enjoy!
  • Includes 4 ounces of Earth Colored Sensory Water Beads with 6 Different Tractor Toys Included. The specifically designed 4 color-coordinated beads are Light Green, Yellow, Black, and Transparent.
  • Approximately 10,000 Dew Drop Beads, sold by weight, NON-TOXIC and COLORFAST! (Do not ingest.) Look forward to hours of play, stress relief, and fun décor – great for projects!
  • Perfect for early childhood education and development, special needs activities, and sensory motor activity. A great tactile experience!
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  • Marble-sized when fully hydrated – shrinks to original size when dry! Add desired amount of beads to water. Satisfaction guaranteed! Kids LOVE these!

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