Jan 152019
Clark Synthesis TST429 Platinum Transducer
The TST429 Platinum Professional Transducer is the most powerful audio transducer on the market today. Available only from Clark Synthesis, the TST429 provides the ultimate performance and output of full-fidelity, full-frequency sound with a frequency response from 5hz to 17kHz. This premium transducer is designed to meet the demands of audio applications such as high-end home theater furniture, theater risers and platforms, floors (including dance floors), simulators, gaming systems, and ProSound equipment. Originally developed for military and commercial training simulators, Clark Synthesis transducers were specifically designed to transfer sounds like gunshots and explosions into a tactile experience that can be felt as well as heard. The enhanced neodymium magnetic structure of a Platinum Transducer produces approximately twice the output of the popular TST329 Gold Professional Transducer. The extended frequency response and superior fidelity adds a new level of realism to every experience. The TST429 Platinum requires an amplifier for operation. Clark Synthesis recommends an amplifier stable at 4 ohms that can deliver 125-150 watts @ 4 ohms (per transducer). TST429 Specifications: • Continuous power handling: 135 watts • Impedance: 4 ohms • Overload Protection: Polyswitch • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 17kHz • Electrical Connecion: 3ft. – 16 guage, 2 wire • Dimensions: 8 in. diam. x 2.25 in. high • Recommended Amplification: 125 – 150 watts at 4 ohms
  • Designed to provide the best possible sensory experience
  • Developed for military simulation, the device makes explosions, gunshots, and any other bass impacts feel real
  • Enhanced neodymium magnetic structure provides twice the output of even the Gold series

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