Jan 012018
If you had a good friend whose partner was having an affair you know, they dont do you tell them? Put this quandary to a dozen other friends and the responses may be contradictory and unhelpful: Stay out of anyones private business. I would tell. Continue reading “When to tell your friend their partner is being unfaithful and when to say nothing” »
Dec 272017
Two months ago, Hong Kong expat Nikelle Joy Gordon compiled a list of all the things she needed to organise in the lead-up to Christmas. At the top of her list were the numerous presents she needed to buy, wrap and post to her family and friends abroad. Her list was supposed to alleviate holiday stress, but instead it added to her problems by reminding her daily of all the things she has yet to do. Continue reading “How to survive Christmas – holiday that’s as stressful as moving home or a divorce” »
Dec 242017
When you hear family vacation, you might think mom, dad and the kids. But its not that simple these days. Grandparents are increasingly accompanying their grandchildren, while grandma and grandpa often try to join single-parent children. Continue reading “Holiday fun with mum, dad, grandma and grandpa” »
Dec 242017
Do you encourage your children to believe in Father Christmas? Do you promote the elaborate myth of a man with a full white beard and red hat, a string of reindeer and a sledge of presents? Do you, as I did, leave out a nip of whiskey for him, a mince pie, a carrot and dish of water for his reindeer? Continue reading “Father Christmas: should you tell your children the truth or encourage them to believe in Santa Claus?” »
Dec 222017
Holding a ball in front of him, five-year-old Shane William Mohammed Shazlan dives into the pool head first, his legs kicking to help him get to the bottom of the pool. The ball pops up and Shane follows, a few seconds later laughing as he looks around for it. I love to swim, says the tanned boy a while later as he takes a breather, hanging on to the side of the pool. Continue reading “We need to get our children moving and we have to act quickly” »
Dec 212017
A gentleholiday reminder about kids and forced hugs: Dont. Girl Scouts of the United States of America offers the following evergreen advice, which it just released to help families prepare for a season of gatherings. Holidays and family get-togethers are a time for yummy food, sweet traditions, funny stories, and lots and lots of love, reads an article on GirlScouts.org. Continue reading “Don’t force kids to hug or kiss people… even grandma or grandpa” »
Dec 202017
Its impossible to ignore the imminence of Christmas. From October or September, officially, in the Philippines the organised among us begin to send cards, the smug enclose letters detailing their offsprings glowing successes, and shopping malls everywhere are decked with tinsel and belting out We Wish You a Merry Christmas. All around us, the colourful spectacle that is Christmas begins to unfurl: lights are strung, trees are decorated, and young children belatedly begin to behave. Continue reading “Nine Christmas traditions explained – from crackers to figgy pudding, holly and mistletoe” »
Dec 192017
In 2014, Reuben Teo and his wife Fann Saw travelled to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a holiday. With its ancient temples, scenic lakes and vibrant pace, the ancient location was inspiring to Teo, who is a keen photographer. While waiting to capture the sunset one evening, the couple and their Cambodian friend, Kimleng Sang, started chatting with some children from a nearby village who were curious about the foreigners in their midst. Continue reading “Malaysian couple gives Cambodian villagers their first framed photos” »
Dec 192017
A Hong Kong parent writes: We often sing nursery rhymes with our daughter at home, but she doesnt seem to sing any at her international kindergarten. I presumed this was an important and natural part of a young childs education. According to research, many young children today cannot recite famous nursery rhymes. Continue reading “Why no nursery rhymes at Hong Kong kindergarten? They’re a great way of learning to read and spell – and have some fun” »
Dec 172017
Many parents sign their children up for sports when they areas young as three years old, and there are many options available even for kindergarten-age kids. That is a good thing in principle, says Katja Schmitt, a professor at the Sports Science Institute in Berlins Humboldt University, Germany. Exercise not only builds the childs muscles, but it also develops coordination and motor skills, Schmitt says. Continue reading “Sports is good for children, but not all are good for kindergarten kids” »