Sep 202017
As many as a third of all pre-school and primary school-age children are affected, according to experts in Germany. Growing pains dont occur during physical activity, but rather in periods of rest usually at night. They mainly affect the calves, the back of the knees, the shins and the thighs. Continue reading “A third of children suffer from growing pains, doctors say” »
Sep 202017
With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policies becoming increasingly common in many school districts in the United States, we take a look at how students can prevent eye problems when working on a tablet or laptop. In the short term, blue light is tiring for eyes, causing eye strain, and also drying eyes out. In the long term, it increases the risks of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). Continue reading “3 ways to protect kids’ eyes from a smartphone’s blue light” »
Sep 182017
Young refugee Shvaib Nazari flicks between his native Dari and wobbly Serbian language notes during his first week back at school in Belgrade, where his family lives in a state of limbo. The 12-year-old is one of 700 migrant children enrolled for a new school term in Serbia, far from the image of Europe that his Afghan family dreamt of when they left home nearly two years ago. Since the closure of the Balkan route last year, the country has become a cul-de-sac for around 4,000 migrants, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who want to start new lives in the European Union but cannot cross its borders. Continue reading “Refugee children in Serbia start school amid limbo” »
Sep 172017
I remember how I used to prepare for exams back in the day. My mom always served me breakfast together with a cup of Milo, fondly recalls Chew Lee Min, parent of two boisterous kids. She now does the same for her children, as she is a big believer in providing them with a nutritionally balanced breakfast to start the day. Continue reading “Worried that your children can’t focus? Give them a nutritious breakfast” »
Sep 172017
From sci-fi horror series Stranger Things to drama Big Little Lies and sitcom Black-ish, one notable feature of many contenders for this years Emmy Awards is that they star children. Unlike the elaborate riders sometimes specified by their adult counterparts, these pint-sized thespians have more mundane requirements time for homework, regular breaks and the odd afternoon nap. They are not trained actors like adults, but the kids that get the roles have an inherent ability, said casting director Amanda Lenker Doyle, who worked on black-ish. Continue reading “Kids at the Emmys: Which little stars are making it big?” »
Sep 152017
As a working mother, senior lecturer Lisa Chan, 35, has a hectic schedule juggling her career and family. But no matter how busy she is, feeding her three children nutritious meals is a top priority. She ensures her three children, eight-year-old Marcus Wong, five-year-old Justin Wong and three-year-old Sherene Wong, have wholesome meals each day because she believes it is crucial to their physical and mental development. Continue reading “Good nutrition is critical to children’s growth” »
Sep 132017
While the smartphone generation are busy downloading games, there are many simple and fun traditional games like congkak, batu Seremban and galah panjang that dont require electronics or a WiFi signal. Whats more, these games have long been an integral part of growing up Malaysian. With Malaysia Day celebrations coming up, several mothers are making the effort to introduce their children to the games they played during childhood. Continue reading “Remember playing these fun traditional games?” »
Sep 052017
When a child becomes a teenager, the old rules no longer apply: At this stage in their lives, teens demand more freedom and want to contribute to the decision-making process rightly so. Yet rules and boundaries remain important. Parents should very clearlytell youngsters what they absolutely cannot do, when there is room to negotiate and what the consequences will be, in case theres any doubt, saysDana Urban, of the online advice service of the Germanchild guidancecommittee. Continue reading “When it comes to teens and rules, parents need to stay consistent and calm” »
Aug 312017
Does your family have a history of food allergies?Afraid to give your child her first taste of peanut butter in case of an allergy? Do you dread to feed her fish, eggs or milk? Relax, heres how you can safely introduce potentially allergenic food to your baby. Continue reading “Kids & allergies: Some safe ways to introduce allergenic foods” »
Aug 302017
Parents should not be concerned about this, according to a recent edition of Junge Familie, a German magazineabout family health. Modern pacifiers are significantly better for a childs jawbone than their thumbs. Its also much harder to wean little ones off thumb-sucking since their thumbs are, after all, always at hand. Continue reading “Why it’s better for children to suck a pacifier than their thumb” »