Aug 262017
Travel sickness tablets can help prevent children from feeling queasy on long journeys in a car, but parents need to use them with caution, experts say. It is easy to overdose children with motion sickness medication,warns Germanys Professional Association of Paediatricians. This cancause them to be sick making it difficult for parents todistinguish between an overdose and actual motion sickness. One way to prevent motion sickness is to have the child sit in themiddle of the back seat. This gives them a clear view of the road,allowing their eyes to fix on passing objects and follow the movementof the car. Motion sickness is caused when the brain takes in contradictorysignals. When we are sitting still in a car or other moving vehicle,our eyes sense that we are not moving but our bodies can still feelthat we are. This disconnect causes nausea in some people. Parents should only reach for motion sickness medication in extremecases, and should pay extra attention to giving a small dose. Paediatricians also suggest having a light meal before the journeyand taking frequent rest breaks. Staring at a smartphone or otherscreen is not recommended.

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