Jan 122019
4 in 1 Tilt Maze Puzzle Ball Game –– 1 Piece Remote Control Brain Teaser Toy – Gift Ideas, Playtime Activity, Stimulator, Game Prizes, Indoor Activity, Enhance Motor Skills, Amusement Park

Test your pulse and manual skills on this moving platform with a remote control!
Take a ride into this mystifying board, divided into 4 categories.
First, you’ll be welcomed with a standard unihelical path, then onto a mountain like road, moving on to the zigzag lines and the last one is the crossed tracks.
The excitement you feel just keep on escalating every time you enter a new portal.

Challenge your playmates and aim for the fastest time to reach the end line.
This will help build a competitive attitude while gaining more friends along the way.
Surprise kids at the class with these cool brainteasers as rewards for a job well done during recitals.
They are brilliant baptismal gifts or just a way to show your generosity to your family and friends.
Special needs children at the hospital or at homes are just the right players for this game too. It opens a gateway for mental development and positive reinforcement.

The podium is built sturdily. Everything is lead and BPA free.
Don’t miss these out!

  • A FOURFOLD OF FUN – 4 different kinds of maze puzzles are joined together in one mysterious fortress. Find your way out through the crooked tunnels, tilt the board up and down and side to side using a joystick that’s attached to the base.
  • TEST YOUR TENACITY – The complexity of the game is specifically designed for younger kids. Exposing this age group to these kinds of mind boggling activities would teach them resilience and persistence. It’s like you’re giving them a little warm up.
  • SMART DIVERSION – Ideal for kids who seek other’s attention all the time. Parents could use a lot of help from Kicko labyrinth maze riddles to entertain the little rascals for a moment while finishing up the dishes or cleaning up the messy house.
  • AMAZEFUL GIFT – Perfect birthday present to your nerdy grandchildren, hyperactive nieces or competitive nephews. This will surely turn up their mood. Fill their day with so much wonders and don’t forget to have a one on one duel.
  • REAL TIME RESPONSE – Every stroke of the regulator stick assures an immediate answer so you can easily maneuver the ball from Point A to Point B. Made from plastic for a lightweight feels. Recommended ages are 3 years old and above.