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Learn to Type – 30 minutes to understand & less than 6 hours to excel!

18 April 2019

Finally! A breakthrough method where you can learn to type using brain based concept, which enables anyone to master keyboarding skills within six hours!

“I can type well enough … I don’t need this!”

You really think so? Please ask yourself the following questions …

Do you remember all the keys on the keyboard?
Do you use all the fingers to type, at least 9 fingers of yours?
Do you use all the fingers to type, at least 9 fingers of yours?

“Why should I learn to type?”

he world is now entering the 21st century, technology evolves and working with computers becomes an important part in every aspect of our daily life.

To use computers effectively, it is essential that you have good keyboarding skills, regardless of your desired career goals.

Good typing skills allow you to focus on your task and the material you are composing instead of searching for keys, making corrections or typing with two fingers. Hunting and pecking require conscious attention to what the fingers are doing; you’ll be spending more time on unnecessary hassles! Improve your typing skills would be the best solution. Learning to type will allow you to use the keyboard effectively, type as fast and accurately as possible, without hours of typing practice.

“Typing effectively is a lifetime skill useful for your children’s academic progression and in every professional position in your working environment.”

Good skills vs “hunt and peck”

Let’s imagine you have multi million proposal to write (or your child has work assignment) with 3000 words required:

Without typing skills at an average of 10 words per minute, it will take 5 hours to complete the task …

With typing skills at an average of 60 words per minute, you will finish the job well in less than one hour! You can have time to make edits, refine your report and be at your home to relax !

“Is EasyType really that good?”

  • A very SIMPLE, QUICK and ENJOYABLE method to learn keyboarding skill effectively
  • Touch typing made easy
  • State-of-Art Brain with Technology Breakthrough
  • Fully Brain Compatible Learning
  • Emphasizing on Fun, Imagination & Creativity

“This process enriches the use of many learning abilities to help all people learn many potential skills. I see the process to learn how to type to learn many computer skills.”

Robert Alan Black, PH.D.
Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities.
POB 5805, Athens , Georgia 30604, USA

After learning the EasyType method, you will earn these benefits:

  • To be able to use all the fingers effectively and efficiently
  • To be able to type using State-of-Art and Rule-Breaker method
  • 100% FOCUS on the application e.g. Word Processor
  • Learning how to Learn and how to Think Approach
  • Optimal keyboard speed and accuracy
  • 30 minutes to understand & less than 6 hours to excel!

“How does EasyType work?”

EasyType uses a very SIMPLE, QUICK and ENJOYABLE method to learn keyboarding skills effectively. Developed using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), it uses our three main sensory channels to help us learn better and faster:

  • The Visual (Sight)
  • Auditory (Sound)
  • Kinesthetic (Touch )

Smart learning method – EasyType method allows you to learn to type using memory associations. Example, to remember:

  • Names of the Great Lakes in US HOMES — Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.
  • Colors of the rainbow ROY G. BIV
  • Notes of musical scale All cows eat grass; Every good boy does fine
  • Directions on a compass Never eat sour watermelons

With this method, anyone who can read, will be able to remember all the letters on the keyboard, associate with their fingers and able to type using all their fingers in 30 minutes!

  • Who can learn using EasyType? Anyone from kids to adults who needs typing lessons can benefit using EasyType
  • WHEN can we learn it? Anytime as long as you want to type very effectively, fast and accurate
  • HOW long will it take? It only takes 30 minutes to understand the concept and less than 6 hours to excel.

With EasyType, no longer you will need long hours practicing how to type, you will be able to understand in 30 minutes and less than 6 hours to excel! Do not wait any longer! Learn speed typing, improve your typing skill and start typing like a pro …

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